Tea time at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Authors’ Lounge… (Thaïlande)

A timeless moment among the ones I appreciate, such a charming place has a distinguished soul!
Let your mind wander. Look. Feel. Breeze…
With so little help of your imagination, Joseph Conrad or Somerset Maugham may be seen coming out from their respectively named suites… Possibly both at the same time, one stairs each!

European and Thai delicacies are there served for guests to enjoy taking their time…
Adorable staff remarkable smiles elected as the prettiest sweets…

Not to be missed under any circumstance!





I won’t upload any more photographs, unwanting to spoil the discovery…

Auteur : Céline Huet-Amchin

Blogueuse & Artiste voyageuse. Jamais sans un livre, un thé, mes pinceaux, nos poilus et Mon Brun ! (dans le désordre) Passion Asie, éléphants, pandas, licornes, dragons et lapin (d'Alice)

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