« Tea Time in Paris! » by Jill Colonna…

An incredible event took place yesterday at 13-a Baker’s Dozen : « Tea Time in Paris! » by the wonderful Jill Colonna!

Two hours spent with Jill and friendly people to drink tea, chat, taste delicious pastries and touch the grail : the new beautiful Jill’s cookbook!

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How great it was!!!

I met Jill at Le Palais de Tokyo few weeks ago during the temporary exhibition of Theodor (J.C Absolu Oolong).
She is a very nice and kind woman. An enlighten person!

Jill wrote two books of her culinary adventures…
First one (the blue one) : « Mad about Macarons! »
Second one, on the market this month (the pink one) : « Tea Time in Paris! »

I urge you to immerse yourself in her delightful recipes, all greedier as each other.
You will not regret it.



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    1. What a wonderful saying! I am trying to diet and still eat well to stay happy! Your blog is very beautiful, thank you, and I love the idea of a blog on tea, and drinking tea :))

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